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INDIGO Biofeedback Features

The most important aspect of the INDIGO Biofeedback System is not just measuring the body electric, but measuring the changes.

The continued measuring and feedback of the system allows us to see the patient's subtle reactions to words, ideas, items, or any stimuli is what makes biofeedback work. The body is a dynamic system that is never static; for example, there can never simply be one blood pressure, as it is changing dramatically every minute. The reactions or reactivity of a patient to a multitude of stimuli is an important tool in the INDIGO Biofeedback System's ability to help clients retrain their reactions to even the subtle, non-verbal and unconscious parameters of their physiology.

Other factors which contribute to the INDIGO Biofeedback System's popularity amongst health professionals internationally are its cybernetic loop, and its ability to auto-focus for maximum training capacity. The cybernetic loop is a two-way communication between the device and the computer; it is constantly "checking in" with the client and measuring their progress. The auto-focus function works in conjunction with our cybernetic loop to allow practitioners to individualize their retraining protocols in order to meet highly detailed and specific needs of each client. This function also allows for what we refer to as "passive biofeedback"; the ability of the INDIGO Biofeedback System to help retrain a client's physiological reactions at unconscious / autonomic levels.

The device can also, however, perform more active, conscious "classical biofeedback" or "neuro-feedback" type interventions.

Very few medical, hands-on healing, or mental health modalities give the practitioner the ability to see exactly how well their clients are responding to the intervention, moment to moment. The INDIGO Biofeedback System actually calculates a percentage of change, giving a rectification value, upon completion of each stress reduction program. This is a huge benefit to our practitioners.